10 February 2019

In we need fuel. People need to eat. Extroverts need people to charge. Introverts need solitude to charge. Yet, the greatest fuel we need to live the fullest is . The psalmist praises for who is. In all the chaos of having a right of is essential. The psalmist concludes that ’s got it. It is very inteing the switch from praise to a self-awareness before . There is also a sense of desperation or something not quite right as it ends. All is right with , but all may not be right with the psalmist.
Simon is not immune to things not being right. When s on him to go back out to sea, Simon is exhausted. He just finished working a hard night, and it being an unsuccessful too. He was likely tired to the bone, both emotionally and physiy. Yet, he was obedient and ful to this of Nazareth. As worn out as he was, he repeated his night’s work. This time he was blessed with a catch beyond expectation. This does not mean he was no longer exhausted. He was probably more tired than he was. Yet, there was now a positive side to his exhaustion. In the midst of his exhaustion, he had a -fueled emotional recharge. While his catch was good and he had acknowledge , he was still beat.
The recipients of the letter to the Hebrews were also tired. The author chose a marathon (a tiring race) to emphasize the duration of the race of . The author invokes as the source of the faith, which echoes the water aspect that recharges the soul. This is essential as the author continues acknowledging the weariness of the readers. There is obviously a deep concern that they are exhausted and are being tempted to give up.
This is where the author of Hebrews digs in. Discipline. This often takes the form of wearing us down, so that we are stripped of our pretensions and presumptions. then really starts to work on us then.
1) One of the biggest themes of current culture is “not enough time”. When we don’t have “enough time”, we get exhausted. Is that something you have or are experiencing right now?
2) When you get tired and exhausted, what good things don’t happen, or what good things do you not do?
3)Have you ever had a “-stripped” experience? What transformation occurred as a result?
FD) What is ? Why is it good?
Pastor Ian

By Pastor Ian

Ian is an ordained Elder in The Church of the Nazarene, and is currently serving as the Online Campus Pastor at Generations Community Church in Marysville, WA, USA.