Is That Light You’re Hiding?

Exodus 10:21–23, Mark 4:21–25, John 5:31–35 (read online ⧉)

Jesus is the Light of the world. While Jesus bringing salvation and eternal life was light, being the ual light was part of Jesus’ very being. As he was one with the Father and Holy Spirit, and as is the r of ual light, and the creator of light, then saying Jesus is the Light of the world misses other times when made light as a symbol of salvation.

The “adventure” of the 10 plagues was nearing is zenith. The “plague” of darkness, like a number of the other plagues, only affected the Egyptians, and left the Hebrews in Goshen alone. Just as with those plagues, was separating the Hebrews from the Egyptians. was making a point. While this is only a single “plague”, it still shows that light can be associated with . In f, some use the sun as symbolic representation of the Trinity (though there are ificant theological issues with that if used poorly or scientifiy).

From a scientific standpoint, without the sun, there would be no biological life. The sun with its heat and light are essential to the well-being of all life on the planet. With , the ual light, there is no life of within us. So, what do we say to those who do not believe in ? The Image of is within them, and they can deny it all they want. We all have just a touch of ’s light.

When we read the passage in Mark, we often associate “the light” with light of salvation that is inside us, because of a similar passage in Matthew 5. Yet, is that really what Mark thinks Jesus is talking about? Different writers can have different understandings of what happened, just as we see in trials where es are ed. There is a reason you have more than 1 or 2 es. What if, instead of our light, Mark believes Jesus is talking about ’s light? Yes, it is a nuanced difference. However, many people do seem to be trying to quench the light of .

There is also a that Jesus conveys in John. Often people are attred to the light, but only because it is bright and shiny. Businesses, es, construction crews, concert teams, and many others use bright lights to catch your attention. The hope is to draw you in. The bright and shiny lights only work so long though. Eventually, you have to commit to something.

1) What, if anything, is the difference between ’s light and ’s light in you?

2) In Matthew 5, Jesus talks about hiding our light. If Mark is talking about hiding ’s light, what do these passages tell us about people and ? How can encourage people to not hide the light?

3) Why do you think people hide the light? Can you think of deeper reasons for that?

Action: Look for something in your life that is hiding the light, and uncover it.

Pastor Ian

By Pastor Ian

Ian is an ordained Elder in The Church of the Nazarene, and is currently serving as the Online Campus Pastor at Generations Community Church in Marysville, WA, USA.