God’s Temples

1 Kings 6:1–4, 21–22; Psalm 84; 1 Corinthians 3:10–23 (read online ⧉)

Can you imagine a huge building on a hill, covered in gold? Imagine as the rays of the rig sun hit it. Or how the violet rays of the setting sun would dance upon the gold, reflecting all around.

We often condemn those would have gold-plated buildings, offices, or even bathrooms. Our response often is valid, for we know that many who gold plate their buildings, offices, and definitely bathrooms, are doing it to be noticed, to make a statement. Generally, they want everyone else to know how rich and/or ful they are.

As is rich and ful, might it be right and proper to gold plate his ? Imagine the (white) city on the hill that spoke of. Imagine a gold-plated in the middle of it. Whew! What a sight! ’s city would have a presence.

Yet, the was for a certain time that is long past. In f, there are a whole lot more s around. You are one. You are to be a , a dwelling, of . Your foundation is to be Christ.

notes that s can be built of wood, straw, jewels, gold, silver. He warms that what the is made of will be judged by fire. This means, at some level, if we barely put any work into the (i.e., straw), when the burns, there won’t be much left. The concept is that of a refining fire, burning away the façades and contami.

By ’s great , as long as the foundation of our life is Christ, even if the is burned down or destroyed, we are still ’s.

  1. Have you ever been tempted to view other’s “” in comparison to yours?
  2. Do you compare your Christian walk to that of others? 
  3. If comparing, are you looking on the outside, or trying to the inside?
Pastor Ian

By Pastor Ian

Ian is an ordained Elder in The Church of the Nazarene, and is currently serving as the Online Campus Pastor at Generations Community Church in Marysville, WA, USA.