Maundy Thursday

Note: If you are reading this as group, have different people read each passage. Even more difficult, do so around a small light, like a candle.

Exodus 12:1-14; Psalm 116:12-19; John 13:1-20; Luke 22:7-20; John 13:21-35 (read online ⧉)

Passover is a key, if not the key festival of Jewish . It is expected that all observant Jews participate. was no exception. Some scholars have concluded that as a Rabbi, it was expected that would host a Passover for his disciples. By no means should we assume that this was the only Passover they celebrated , but it certainly was the most important for us.

humiliated himself (by the world’s standards) by washing his disciples’ feet. The sacrament of Communion was established. The words used effectively wiping away the old covenant. The last piece of journey to the cross is completed by Judas Iscariot. Lastly, a new commandment is given.

By , the “Maundy” of Maundy Thursday is derived from mandatum, Latin for command.

“… one another. Just as I have you, you also should one another.”
John 13:34

All of this done for : God’s for Israel, God’s for the , God’s for Creation, God’s for you.

1. Imagine that you know a meal is your last with your ones, but they don’t know it. How do you think you would feel? What would you want them to know?

2. Why do you feel ed the bread his body, and the wine his blood?

3. Have you ever had your feet washed, or washed the feet of as we read? If so, what was your perspective of that experience? If not, how do you think you would ?

Pastor Ian

By Pastor Ian

Ian is an ordained Elder in The Church of the Nazarene, and is currently serving as the Online Campus Pastor at Generations Community Church in Marysville, WA, USA.