Pounding the Pavement

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Luke 12:16–34

We often use the s of Jesus out of context. When we do so, we often lose their original meaning. “Don’t worry about what you eat…or what you will wear” is often used to say don’t worry about “worldly” things, except…it isn’t.

When we look at the rich man’s productive harvest, we get the greater idea of what Jesus is driving at. It isn’t wanting more or better; it is caring for one’s fellow. The ful harvest was going to be kept solely for him. He saw nothing wrong with not sharing the bounty.

For many years, we have d of trickle-down economics. It is real. It is true. It still isn’t ’s way. Communism (the Communism of Tolstoy, Mao, Lenin, Castro, Kim, or ) of force used to “level” the playing field by removing all incentive and initiative, and crushing it isn’t ’s way either. ’s way is somewhere in between.

’s way isn’t about what we can grasp, but what we give. The treasures we are to store up are ts. Not literally, that would be disgusting. We are talking—as you already knew, of course—about the “spiritual t” that is turned over to Jesus.

The bumper sticker that reads, “(S)He who dies with the most toys wins,” is a lie. Toys, as such, are useless trinkets that rust and decay. Souls (or spiritual ts) are forever. We only get to bring souls with us into Heaven.

We are watching many of the rich (such as Bill Gates) begin to somewhat understand it, though they still miss the eternal part. This has happened many times over the years. Andrew Carnegie left a fantastic legacy of libraries all over the country, truly seeking to give “working class” children a better start than he got.

This is not to disparage their ions. Quite the contrary. There are the secular (non-religious) s of Jesus lived out. They should be celebrated and ed.

They still don’t souls. Often the question in the capital (state or nation) is, how much do we “sp” on a person? That can be welfare, grants, contrs, pensions, or well-deserved (and earned) veterans’ benefits. The government thinks in dollars per person.

thinks in person per dollars. Sort of. doesn’t care about the dollars. cares about the souls of those who earn, give, , horde, or even burn dollars. John the Revelator saw streets of Gold in his . As an ounce of Gold approaches $2000, it’s still pavement in Heaven.

cares about ravens, birds, wildflowers, grass, and you. Gold is just to be walked on.


Jesus, you have given us humanity to walk with. May we seek their good and their entrance into Heaven as we follow your will. Amen.

Pastor Ian

By Pastor Ian

Ian is an ordained Elder in The Church of the Nazarene, and is currently serving as the Online Campus Pastor at Generations Community Church in Marysville, WA, USA.