Unfailing Promiser

“Not one of all the good s that the Lord had made to the house of Israel had failed: all came to pass.”
–Joshua 21:45 (NRSV)

My son, Jackson, is notorious for saying “you ?” And now Wylder is picking up on it. You know what. I will let you in on a little secret. I almost never say that I do . I almost always say… we will see, probably, most likely, etc. I don’t want him to me something and then not follow through on it. Because inevitably, as a parent to now 3…I will not follow through on that . I don’t want him to experience from me a failed .

But. There has been a handful of times that I have accidentally d and he has experienced that. And he usually yells in my face “but you d!!!”

Can you relate?

Maybe it’s your own kids who have yelled in your face. Maybe you have made a to someone else and it not go the way you planned and so your fell short. Maybe someone d you something and their fell short. It doesn’t feel great to
break a or have someone break their .This is why I am so thankful I can turn my son back to and His never failing s. I mean if isn’t the picture perfect example of never failing s – I don’t know what is!

Think about it for a second.

If you’ve read scripture you have read ’s people, Israel, over and over and over that they will be good and follow Him. And then what do they do? Their own thing—breaking those s. could have said, “sorry” with a shrug of His shoulders. But did not do that. In f. delivered on the most amazing ever. The birth of and ultimately the of for all humankind so that we might have and have it to the full!

This Christmas season. I want you to ’s never failing s in your when everything around you seems to be failing. Phases, schooling for our kids (or for you), work , etc. Lot’s of “s” were made this last year and we also experienced a lot of let downs and missed milestones in our families lives. It’s been hard. So look to this Christmas and experience the that He brings in being our never failed .