In Peace We Trust

“Peace I leave with you; my I to you. I do not to you as the world s. Do not let your s be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.”
—John 14:27 (NRSV)

Okay. I am just going to say it. This has been a very hard year. A year filled with ache, uncertainty, fear, and more. All the emotions have hit and have hit very hard. There have been moments where I didn’t know what to think and had no s. There have been moments where I have been frustrated and unsettled. Maybe you feel the same?

The world has n us, this year, a lot of crud. The world has not been kind to us this year. This has not been our year.

But. Thankfully does not to us as the world s. s us so much more. We don’t have to be afraid or troubled because sent to make it so we can have right with Him. sent to us . I have not felt much this last year. Reading the news every day was hard and did not me . Being a parent and making very hard decisions about my kids did not me . Being a pastor—I have not felt .

But lately. I have been praying for . I know that because of I can have . And you know what? I have been starting to feel it! Slowly. But it’s there. The more I let in and pray for the more I am able to be at . And you know what else? I have been praying for for you too! Because was our from . He desires for us to have especially in the moments where it seems impossible to have it.

Do not let your be troubled, dear friend. Don’t be fearful of the things to come. Put your in knowing that He s you the that you need.