Roads of Dust

dusty road with alone tree Stock Image BY: ryhor

Psalm 135; Isaiah 26:1–15; Mark 12:18–27

As one of the wealthy nations in the world, passages like this in Isaiah should cause us to reflect. Will all our stuff be crushed to dust and be walked upon by the poor? If you’re reading this, you may well say, “I am poor.” Truly a lot of us are poor compared to Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Jack Ma Yun, and far too many of our political leaders.

Compared to the world at large, however, we are (by and large) rich. Not (by any means) to minimize their experiences or circumstances, many even of our homeless live better than many in the world. This is not to say the of a homeless person is easy, nor that ours are.

Are we like the people being alluded to in Isaiah? If we take our wealth for granted and disregard ’s blessings…yes. If we don’t take our wealth for granted and continue to look for and be grateful for ’s blessings, we are much less likely to be those “ on high.”

Yet, while haughtiness, pride, and greed may not be our particular vices, a lack of may well be. Righteousness, not wealth, not power, is what we are to focus on. It could almost be said that is second only to love, though love without may not be love at all.

ly results in the peace (Shalom) that is being in right relationship with the Living .

The Living concept is of course to be the counterpoint to the dead idols that the people surrounding Israel (and even Israel) worshiped. One cannot have a relationship with a dead idol. then adds to this by saying that is not a god of the dead. is the of the Living.

There is the surface aspect of this being about the Resurrection and eternal . There is also a not-so-subtle dig at the gods of the dead: power, wealth, stuff. The dead being both those who had died not knowing , but even those who were breathing, but were dead because they did not know .


  • What are some other ways that Isaiah’s words speak to you? Do any cause to reflect on changes that you need to make?
  • How does being a “ of the Living” affect your understanding of the words from Isaiah?
  • Where in your (immediate circle of influence) can you be a better witness and voice for ’s ?


Living and of the Living, quicken our hearts, minds, and spirits to approach your throne of grace, mercy, and love, so that we are able to share the spark of the Creator with all of those around us. Amen.