Pride Versus Repentance

1 Kings 8:44–53, Zechariah 1:1–17, Acts 3:13–26

That Solomon included this request for the Israelites who would be in exile while inaugurating the newly built should not be overlooked. It is significant. With so much foreshadowing of the Israelites going into exile, one would think that the Israelites would have figured it out. The great , Moses, foreshadowed it. Yet, rebellion (of a number of sorts), confusion, and hardened hearts meant that they were headed to exile eventually.

When the exile did come, at least, God made it clear that exile wasn’t the . All they had to do was say, “sorry.” Yes, it’s a little more complicated than that. On the other hand, it is still that simple. God remains true to God’s and . There isn’t a free pass for the Israelites out of exile. The way to get back isn’t too onerous, for those who are not too full of pride.

Even after all of that, pride was still an issue. Peter challenged the pride of the Jews, who built so much of their identity on their bloodline. Peter used that pride against them, really to make a point. They were so sure of themselves and their leaders that they killed the person they were waiting for.

Peter makes it clear though…. Yes, it’s that easy.

1) What do you take pride in? Has it ever interfered with your Christian ?

2) Do you take pride in certain parts of your (denomination, stance on an issue, etc.)? How could that interfere with your and your following ?