Begging In Faith

Psalm 88; 2 Kings 20:1–11; Mark 9:14–29

Regardless of your views on the COVID vaccine, medical science (including vaccines) has been miraculous over the years. How medical practices have been improved is amazing (My grandfather once told me of a vaccine he received as a kid. The process was highly unsanitary.). Medical science continues to improve.

It is possible that Hezekiah’s illness could have been healed by modern medicine. Many of the illnesses in the are quite possible to be healed. This doesn’t minimize the miracle that occurred, especially the manner in which it occurred (a prompt—almost immediate— to ).

As our modern medicine improves, it becomes even more likely that modern folks will dismiss the stories of the Scriptures as ignorant people, who didn’t understand any science (which is true). Many contemporary people will then also attribute that same ignorance of science to Christians today. If Christians are not wise in their , and in their defense of it, they may contribute to the reduction of faith in those around them.

It would be interesting to know whether considers the generation he called faithless to be more or less faithless than today’s. It would be unwise to presume that it must be today’s, as Jesus had to deal with a lot of that.

The father of the asked for faith in the face of his unbelief. The disciples still didn’t get their own disbelief. Disbelief was all around. Disbelief is all around us.


  • In what areas of your life is your faith currently be challenged? How are you getting prayer support for this challenge?
  • Do you think there is a difference between unbelief and faithlessness? Why or why not? If there are differences, how do you see them in your life or the lives of ?
  • What is more important for the right now, the faithlessness of the world or the faithlessness of those who themselves Christian? As a Christian, what does it mean to be faithless?


Lord, help the ongoing war in our hearts and souls against unbelief and faithlessness. Amen.