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  • How to Come Back

    How to Come Back

    1 Corinthians 11:17–33 It’s almost over it seems. The time of being masked and constrained nears its end. On the other hand, already another strain of COVID is showing up, but the reality is that we, as an entire world, are at our limits. It seems great that we’re almost there, except that we really…

  • Hand Power

    Hand Power

    Psalm 115; Numbers 8:5–22; Titus 1:1–9 In Numbers, the outline for priestly behavior is pretty minimal. Do your job. They also have an end date, 50. Yes, there were other concerns (as the children of Eli showed in 1 Samuel). By and large, though, the duties of the priests were what set them apart, not…

  • Throne Encirclement

    Throne Encirclement

    Psalm 95; 1 Chronicles 11:1–9; Revelation 7:13–17 Thrones are attractive. The concept of a throne involves power, wealth, and influence. Depending on “the throne”, it might also have religious and cultural ramifications as well. Thrones, or their facsimiles, often draw those who are weak, yet seek strength. Thrones also draw those who crave power and…

  • Passing It Off

    An inheritance is not “earned”. An inheritance is given. It is given by the person whose it is to the person (or people) whose it isn’t.

  • Path of Strength

    Path of Strength

    We often choose to model the behavior that appears successful, or model what we think is the behavior that achieved success. Other times, we are confronted with the fact that we are not that person. Their way of success is not ours. Solomon did not follows his father’s way of success. He chose a different…

  • Inconceivable!


    In stories of God, “inconceivable” is often the underlying response. Even to this day, “inconceivable” is that thought that God would become a human being and then die for them.

  • Salvation Praise

    Psalm 107:1–3, 17–22; Genesis 9:8–17; Ephesians 1:3–6 (read online ⧉) Destined to be a child of God. This is such a comforting phrase. As in all comfortable things, there is a danger. This comforting phrase is often, and understandably, taken as being directed toward individuals. Yet, if we use both Old Testament and New Testament…

  • 2nd Wednesday after Pentecost

    2 Corinthians 9:6–11, Matthew 6:16–18 Misery loves company, so it is said. By misery, we aren’t talking sadness, grief, or mourning. We’re talking about the attitude of heart, soul, and mind that finds the worst in it all and revels in it. Sadly, there is often a strain of that in the church. “Look at…