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  • Enduring Soil

    Enduring Soil

    I’ve read the Parable of the Sower many times. I’ve preached on it. Heard plenty of sermons on it. Verse 15 hit me today. What struck me this time, in particular, was “endurance”. When you go back and re-read the parable, endurance makes sense. It may indeed be the point of the entire parable. Developing…

  • Junk Food Fast

    Junk Food Fast

    Psalm 80; Isaiah 5:1–7; Galatians 5:16–26 Both Psalm 80 and the passage from Isaiah 5 are not warmhearted Scriptures. They both address the reality that the Israelites have not been faithful to God. Other places in the Scriptures note that the Israelites were faithful in their actions, or at least they attempted to complete the…

  • Take the Message Forward

    Take the Message Forward

    Psalm 150; Jeremiah 30:1–11a; 1 John 3:10–16 We have a lot in front of us. The end of the COVID-era seems to be approaching. Although there seems to be a step back for every step forward, at least we are moving forward. This doesn’t mean we’ll be going back to normal. In fact, the normal…

  • Walk Out Your Faith

    Galatians 5:2–15 I’ve probably shared this before; forgive me. A number of years ago, I was in a bible study. In it was a woman who said, “I don’t believe in the God of the Old Testament, only the New One. Only the God of the New Testament is a God of Love.” Our study…

  • Mindset


    Ephesians 1:17–19; Philippians 4:1–9 There is a pernicious thought floating around that if Christians really believed what they say they do; they would all think similarly. Sadly, that often comes from Christians who perceive they are not being heard or perceive that someone with whom they disagree is being heard. In my immediate family, I…

  • Instigation


    Jeremiah 15:10–14; Matthew 10:16–23; Matthew 12:46–50 Christmas is coming! All I want for Christmas is for 2020 to be over. How about you? 2020 may be the year of division. There is no question that the country is divided. While 2016 was certainly divisive, it is almost nothing to today. As much as many may…

  • Passionate Rightful Love

    Passionate Rightful Love

    Luke 11:14–28; Romans 12:9–21 Can you think of a house that is divided? It shouldn’t be hard at this point. It is displayed for the whole world to see. The United States has a motto: E pluribus unum. It means, “Out of many, one.” Yet it seems that instead, it ought to be, “E pluribus…

  • Humble Feasting

    Humble Feasting

    In the conversations of today, whether we are talking about race, gender, equality (of varying sorts), politics, humility is where the conversation begins. None of us is the Savior. There is only one person in that role.