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  • God of Boxes

    We struggle (and that’s fine) with the concept that God would discipline through pestilence, famine, war, etcetera. We will often use the language of “God allows”, or explain things as “an ‘old world’ understanding”.

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  • The Fruit We Yield

    Psalm 52; Jeremiah 22:1–9; Luke 6:43–45 Have you ever been somewhere with a beautiful bowl filled with fruit, then picked up a piece of fruit, and realized that […]

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  • All About Me

    Psalm 130: Genesis 3:8–15; 2 Corinthians 4:13–5:1; Mark 3:20–35 Self-examination is probably one of the hardest Christian practices. It is probably also the one most needed today. When […]

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  • The Next

    Psalm 47; Deuteronomy 34:1–9; John 16:4–11 Who will come next is part of the “calculation” of many things. Psalm 78:4 speaks of telling the next generation about God. […]

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  • Sharpening Together

    Psalm 98; Deuteronomy 32:44–47; Mark 10:42–45 What are your two pet sins? Or, what sin of others sets you off (lying, adultery, etc.)? And, what sin of yours […]

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  • Junk Food Fast

    Psalm 80; Isaiah 5:1–7; Galatians 5:16–26 Both Psalm 80 and the passage from Isaiah 5 are not warmhearted Scriptures. They both address the reality that the Israelites have […]

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  • Depths of Lent

    What life experience can you use to relate to hope in despair?

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  • Found and Find

    The physical life should be crying, “I’m dying,” while the spiritual life is crying, “I’m gaining life.”

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