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  • Wise Wisdom

    Wise Wisdom

    Theoretically, each should should be evaluated by their past successes and failures, yet, it just doesn’t seem to actually work that way. We Christians are often complicit in this. While we are called—whether by James, the wisdom of Solomon, or the Psalmist—to be wise, we often succumb to the world’s temptation to follow the arrogant.

  • Sackcloth and Ashes

    Sackcloth and Ashes

    Psalm 115; Ezra 9:5–15; John 16:16–24 Collective guilt has been on the top of many lists in the last year. Regardless of your political, philosophical, or religious perspective of the collective guilt issues, it does allow us to better understand the pressure that Ezra felt…somewhat. Ezra was trying to make up for generations of sin…

  • Storms of Dust

    Storms of Dust

    No one in their right mind would want to bring into something new all the tattered, worn out, bloody, hateful stuff into something beautifully new. It’s good that the old will be gone.

  • Remembrance of Change

    Remembrance of Change

    SermonTemplate400 words (3 minutes)Auto-publish to Faithlife SermonsAboutSeriesTopicsPassages Genesis 1:1–5; Acts 19:1–7; Mark 1:4–1 Approximately 70% of the earth is covered by water. Around 3% of that is readily drinkable. On average, a human is 60% water. Depending on weather and health, a human can survive 2–7 days without additional liquid. We all know water is…

  • Self of Nothing

    Self of Nothing

    Judges 4:1–24; 2 Samuel 6:12–22; Psalm 18:20–29 Many have often condemned Barak as a coward who hides behind a woman’s skirt (so to speak). What if there is something else at play? If you read the Book of Joshua and 1 & 2 Samuel, the Ark of the Covenant was part of the army’s formation.…

  • Washing Branches

    Washing Branches

    John 13:1–11;  John 15:1–10 Just in case you didn’t catch it before, John 13–17 is all during the Last Supper. It certainly does beat Moses’ Book of Deuteronomy in length. These chapters do, however, give us a deep insight into Jesus as his final hours are approaching (The Jewish day started at Sunset, so the…

  • Kneel


    Matthew 16:21–28; Mark 14:32–42 (read online ⧉) Peter was concerned about the kingdom here on earth, not the kingdom that Jesus was ushering in. Jesus would have nothing to do with that thinking. Jesus chose the will of God the Father over his earthly will. It’s not as if the human side of Jesus wasn’t…

  • Humble Feasting

    Humble Feasting

    In the conversations of today, whether we are talking about race, gender, equality (of varying sorts), politics, humility is where the conversation begins. None of us is the Savior. There is only one person in that role.