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  • Reconciling Fruit

    Reconciling Fruit

    Psalm 144; Isaiah 27:1–6; 2 Corinthians 5:17–21 (ISV) In times to come, Jacob will take root,   and Israel will blossom, sprout shoots,   and fill the whole world with fruit. Isaiah 27:6 ISV All of this comes from God, who has reconciled us to himself through the Messiah and has given us the ministry of reconciliation, 2 Corinthians…

  • Aiming to Change

    Aiming to Change

    Psalm 30; Lamentations 2:1–12; 2 Corinthians 8:1–7 The implication of today’s reading in Lamentations is that this came suddenly, or that all the preparations were annihilated. The sad reality is that sometimes things that came “suddenly” were actually quite predictable. God sent multiple prophets. Before the Israelites even entered the Promised Land, Moses had warned…

  • And Now What?

    And Now What?

    Psalm 98; Isaiah 42:5–9; Acts 10:34–43 It is not, by far, unique to American Christianity to be tied to a country. God fought for England, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, and plenty of other places supposedly, as leaders quickly pulled God in their plans of military conquest (or defense). God, and in particular the…

  • Can’t Wait to Wait

    Can’t Wait to Wait

    Job 14:1–14; Lamentations 3:1–9, 19–24; Psalm 31:1–4, 15–16 “Jesus, 33, son of Joseph and Mary, was crucified and died yesterday. Survived by mother Mary. Wandering prophet who proclaimed the Kingdom of God was near. Performed miracles. Challenged the status quo. Caused the leaders heartache.” Even in our days, dying in one’s 30s is sad, but…

  • Given


    That is the weight of the Law. It isn’t all the offerings needed to cover our sin. It isn’t all the festivals to celebrate and recognize God’s miracles and saving works. The weight is the Truth that we can do nothing to save ourselves.

  • Willing to be Sharpened

    Willing to be Sharpened

    Whether in church, work, or home, there will be times where people do not agree in approach. All too often, the only option seems to be separation. Yet, when two such “opposites” sharpen each other, that which comes from it will often be greater than the only one.

  • Remembrance of Change

    Remembrance of Change

    SermonTemplate400 words (3 minutes)Auto-publish to Faithlife SermonsAboutSeriesTopicsPassages Genesis 1:1–5; Acts 19:1–7; Mark 1:4–1 Approximately 70% of the earth is covered by water. Around 3% of that is readily drinkable. On average, a human is 60% water. Depending on weather and health, a human can survive 2–7 days without additional liquid. We all know water is…

  • Heart Mission

    Heart Mission

    2 Chronicles 7:12–18; Matthew 9:1–8; Acts 3:1–10 Prayer times and services have often been called “aches and pains time”. The implication being that we often ask for physical healing for the aches and pains of our bodies. This can be from the innocuous pulled muscle to cancer. It’s not that we are called to pray…