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  • Be Our Guest

    Be Our Guest

    Psalm 111; Exodus 24:1–11; Romans 15:22–33 If you were invited to a US presidential affair, you might be surprised. Unless you roam such circles or are connected to them, usually you won’t have any expectation of being invited to sit at the table with the president, unless, of course, you decide to contribute to their…

  • Sighting Evil

    Sighting Evil

    Psalm 74; 1 Samuel 16:14–23; Revelation 20:1–6 Evil spirits or the “spirit of evil” has a presence in human culture throughout the ages. Even for those who have no deistic belief, there is an understanding that something is completely evil. There was nothing positive about the Holocaust. In fact, most people would state that the…

  • Divided Beauty Multiplied

    Divided Beauty Multiplied

    It is humanity that is divided by language, people, skin color, nation, or ideology. The Holy Spirit speaks through all of God’s people that they can sing praises to God from the depths of their hearts the best way they know how.

  • Go and (p)Reach

    Go and (p)Reach

    Psalm 4; Luke 24:36b-48; Acts 3:12-19; 1 John 3:1-7 The disciples are still struggling with the Resurrection. You’d think they’d have accustomed themselves to Jesus being alive, but they were obviously still struggling. As part of this last appearance, Jesus explained the Scriptures and His place in them. This is not the first time he…

  • The Dead Speak

    The Dead Speak

    Isaiah 25:6–9; Psalm 118:1–2, 14–24; John 20:1–18 The stone. We always talk about the stone on Easter. There was no question it was a big stone so that it was moved without human intervention was a big deal. As much as the stone is represented simply, it isn’t simple. Mary ran back to inform the…

  • Wood and Metal

    Wood and Metal

    The cross is morbid. It is brutal. It is death in the midst of life on earth.

  • Repair and Refine

    Repair and Refine

    Psalm 84; 2 Chronicles 29:1–11, 16–19; Hebrews 9:23–28 A few days ago, we read about Jesus cleansing the Temple. As noted, then, prophets doing “over-the-top” things weren’t totally unexpected. Generally, it was uncomfortable, but God’s true prophets weren’t known to bring comfort without discomfort. Sometimes amid human depravity, a person bursts out of the decay…

  • It Is Written

    It Is Written

    As people of “the Book”, we speak as if we believe the Word was engraved in stone. Yet, we often don’t act that same way.