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  • Movie About a Christian

    Movie About a Christian

    Read: Luke 9:18–50 One of the reasons I love and appreciate the concept of the “church year” is that we are often confronted by the hard passages, especially those that often make no sense to our post-enlightenment (i.e., science- and data-driven) minds. This is, as you probably inferred, one of those days. Today is Transfiguration…

  • Storms of Dust

    Storms of Dust

    No one in their right mind would want to bring into something new all the tattered, worn out, bloody, hateful stuff into something beautifully new. It’s good that the old will be gone.

  • So Bright

    So Bright

    He is the same one who shone in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory in the face of Jesus Christ.

  • Learn Deeply

    Mark 9:2–13, Mark 9:30–32 (read online ⧉) School could bring happiness to some, and great misery to others. Often the refrain of children is, “what’s the point.” “This is useless.” “I’ll never use this.” Perhaps you’ve said it yourself. Learning can often be hard. Learning new concepts can be even harder. Learning things that shatter…

  • Tuesday after the Transfiguration (Ninth Tuesday after Epiphany)

    Psalm 18:21-36, Deuteronomy 6:16–25, Hebrews 2:1–10 Sometimes the greatest legacy we leave is the little things we do. Where we were not shown love, we show love to others. Where people did not build up, we build up. We may never see any of these little steps, but if we are faithful to follow God,…

  • Unveiling Transfiguration

    Psalm 99, Exodus 34:29–35, 2 Corinthians 3:12–4:2, Luke 9:28–36 Sometimes things we are unaware of about ourselves become a separator be us and others. Imagine Moses already feeling the pressure of leading these people. The strain of leadership along with the regular stubbornness of the Israelites would always keep some separation between Moses and the…