Friday after Pentecost

Psalm 119:161–168, Matthew 13:44–46, 2 Corinthians 4:7–

Treasure. We all have treasure. For some it is jewels. For it’s art. It could be so many things. For the right treasure, people will up many things, dreams, and even people (which puts into question the “right” treasure).

Imagine being the person who found the treasure in the field…and left it. That person took a risk that it would still be there. Often the greatest treasure is one that others have walked on by.
God is like that. God gave up everything, even himself, for his treasure…us.

When talks about treasure in clay pots (i.e., breakable and fragile), he’s talking about us. Somehow, in spite of our flaws, we are a treasure to God. We all have times in our lives that we question our value. God has no such question.

1) What does it feel like to be a treasure of God?

2) Do you think of yourself as a treasure, why or why not?

3) What does it mean that others are treasures, too, in the eyes of God?