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Jeremiah 31:10–14; John 5:19–40

If you had the to change anything and everything, would you? If you could eliminate war, disease, hatred, bigotry, misogyny…would you?

If you could judge people perfectly…would you?

The structure of the Trinity (Father, Son, ) is a conundrum. The Father is ; the Son (Jesus) is ; the is . The Father is neither the Son nor the . The Son is neither the Father nor the . The is not the Father nor the Son. Yet, one , three-in-one.

It might seem peculiar to bring up the Trinity, as the passage from John is about the Son (Jesus) and the Father. We see that Jesus says that he is not able to do anything apart from the Father, and that the Father gave all judgement to Jesus.

What Kingdom is that? If a human had all the to judge (perfectly), why would they give that up? At best, a human has the to judge okay, but with far too many errors. The Father gave it to Jesus.

The Judge (Jesus) will raise each person, whether good or bad, to answer for their . How this works, who knows? Will a person watch a movie of their and condemn or justify it? Is our soul weighed on some sort of scale? Many such questions have been asked; many have been given.

The underlying is that each and every person, even those who think of Jesus as nothing more than a nice guy in history, only want to imagine being accepted by Jesus.

According to Jeremiah, the Kingdom will redeem, refresh, and water (with the Living Water) people. As a result, they will be strong, joy-filled, and satisfied.

These verses declare ’s kingdom. However, one verse later foreshadows the that happens after the Messiah, the harbinger of the Kingdom, is born. No great (or even mediocre) kingdom avoids the in the s of men, unless it is the .


, may our s and accept you, that we are your children, and that we have a place with you. Amen.

Pastor Ian

By Pastor Ian

Ian is an ordained Elder in The Church of the Nazarene, and is currently serving as the Online Campus Pastor at Generations Community Church in Marysville, WA, USA.