Beyond A Name

27 July 2019

Isaiah 43:1–4, 1 Peter 1:13–23

Do you know somebody’s name? Of course, you do. You know yours. You know the names of ones. You know the names of friends. You probably know the names of people that are not that close. We sometimes dismiss the importance of names. If we thought about it, though, if someone doesn’t address us by name, we if they really know who we are. We wonder if they care.

God’s words to Isaiah tell us that God knows our name. God calls us by name. The Creator knows you by name. There is a relationship there. Once we acknowledge the relationship, then what?

Peter reminds us what is fully responsive and reciprocating relationship with God is. Sober-minded. Some immediately attached alcohol to this. It really is about being firmly rooted in Christ, and not inclined to bounce around. Peter explains it as in God’s complete and utter .

God doesn’t just call us by name. God calls us into a of . The 5 questions below are a modified version of John Wesley’s questions for . They are good for self-reflection and are best in a small trusted group of the same gender.

  1. How is it with your soul?
  2. What are your struggles and successes?
  3. Any sin to ?
  4. Anything you want to keep secret?
  5. How might the be speaking and moving in your life?

You are called to a life of holiness. You can live it when surrendered to Christ.