Blessed Title

Luke 1:39–45, Luke 11:27–28

Mary was indeed blessed to be ‘ mother. In fact, like many mothers, she was blessed. Motherhood is a . It can be a huge blessing. It is also a heavy weight to carry.

It is a blessing to be a mom. Yet, often the title of mother takes over the person, to where who the person was before being a mom disappears.

The reality is that this occurs with many positions and roles: president, general, governor, and so on. The person who was gets lost in the position. We can see it on the news with the behavior of many (more than 4 or 5) world leaders. We see it with celebrities and company executives. People forget the person they were.

Titles are great, but titles are nothing in the of Heaven.

“…blessed are those who the of God and keep it…”

1)Have you have pursued a title or position that you wanted really badly? How did the pursuit go?

2) Have you ever defined yourself by your roles, career, or titles? Why? Which one means the most to you?