Divided Unity

Psalm 33:12–22; Job 37:1–13; 1 Corinthians 15:50–57

God’s might and cannot be denied. God’s is present in . A majority of people surveyed stated that they are closest (or most aware of) God when they are in “nature” (or non-humanity altered environments). As Elihu says (the person speaking in Job), God’s power is everywhere. God’s handiwork is present in all things. God has set the world in motion, while we try to keep our balance.

In some Eastern traditions, there is a concept that this world being a training ground for the next one. In some ways, we can see truth in that, but not the whole Truth.

This is a training ground of sorts, or perhaps a sifting place, or (to pull from the Old Testament) a threshing floor. There is a way of separating that this world is very good at.

We can see separation in regards to skin color, nationality, “”, language, state, political-leaning, , computer operating system, game console, truck brand, and so many other things. In fact, sometimes we can be so overwhelmed by separation that any similarity is completely and utterly lost.

Before we say, as some would, that God would never divide, that also isn’t true. The very story of Creation separates night from day, land from water, and waters from waters. The multitude of creatures and plants are created. Multitudes of kinds (even of ) is division. The last one though maybe the greatest division of them all…humanity.

A number of commentators interpret that the original Adam was not male, per se. Adam, to their understanding, was without gender. Genderless is often used to describe this Adam, yet even that is misleading, for this Adam existed prior to gender existing. It’s a nuance, but it makes the division of humanity into male and female even more divisive, for it is a form of re-creation. And that is the point.

Division is not merely a form of destruction or alienation, as we are being confronted with daily, it is also an act of Creation. You find that at the genetic level, through division new creations and new beings are formed.

There is, from a human , an ultimate division…those that know Christ as Lord and Savior…and those that don’t. Those that do known will be unified with God, each other, and in some not fully understood but divine body. Those that do not know will be forever separated, one way or the other.


  • What are some other areas where you see division that helps?
  • What are some areas where you see helpful ?• Where might unity be unhelpful?


Lord, guide us to what you want us to divide and what you want us unite. Amen.