Even Smaller Than That

Psalm 22:25–31; Amos 9:7–15; Mark 4:30–32

The Lord’s condemnation of Israel puts Israel in the same category as the people that were pushed out of the Promised Land in the beginning. In many respects, the in the West probably is similarly categorized. You may have had your instantaneous of, “Yes, THAT part of the church has THAT issue.” Yes, they probably do. And don’t forget that they see some issue with you.

This is . It is also the saving of the church. Yes, that there are two such severe wings of the church is actually a great potential for the greatest grace lived out since the last reformation.

Viewing Amos as a of the church (a very loose interpretation, granted), there was a silver lining to being categorized alongside the enemies of God. God wasn’t done with them (Israel or the church), and they would eventually be restored.

In these times, we (even we cynics) must look for both the silver linings and the little ways that God is moving in the world, especially the Western World that appears to be alienated from or directly opposing God (including or especially in the church). We need to be actively looking for God’s mustard seeds.


  • What mustard seeds are you seeing in your ?
  • What mustard seeds are you seeing in the lives of ?
  • What will you do to nourish these mustard seeds you see?


Lord, you are never sparing in sowing the seeds of grace. Help us to be equally generous as we our lives which you have changed through your . Amen.