Firm Hope

“Therefore say to them, Thus says the Lord God: None of my words will be delayed any longer, but the that I will be , says the Lord God.”
—Ezekiel 12:28 (NRSV)

How long have we been stuck in phase 2? I mean. By the time you are reading this there is a chance we could be in phase 3. But if you are like me—you probably doubt it.

How long have your children (if you have kids or teens at home) been doing school from home?

How long did you have to (at the beginning of all of this) to see your or friends?

How long did we wait to find out who the next president was? As I am writing this they still haven’t progressed (3 days later).

It’s been a year of waiting. It’s been a year of promises or words that were spoken about all of these things and more and yet not knowing when it will actually happen. Waiting is the worst. And as a general public…we don’t like to wait. Do you?

And yet that is what God’s people did. Wait. For a King to come them. A King that came as a tiny baby. Have you ever held a tiny, newborn baby? They are so fragile. My husband won’t hold any newborn (outside of his own and only out of necessity) because of how fragile they are. He doesn’t want to “break” them. And this is how our King came! This is how Israels King came. This was to be their they were waiting on!? Yes!

I am so thankful we know the full story because if we lived back then – we might have been upset or doubted too! But , our true hope, came. No waiting for us.

So in this season of uncertainty and waiting. Fix your eyes upon Jesus and the hope that He brings to us not just every Christmas, but every day—every moment.