Forgetting the Story

Jonah 3:1–10, Nahum 1:1–11

The story of Jonah has always been a big fish story. It catches our attention. Whether Jonah was alive in the whale/fish for 3 days (evidence indicates it’s possible) or if it was a and story, it doesn’t fail to capture our attention. Even unbeliever get the story.

We pick on Jonah a lot. First, he ran away. Then, when he was successful with the , he got angry. Then there is all the stuff in between. He was a mess.

Whether the people of Nineveh repented because they were horrified at the translucent skin (stomach acids) and/or were they truly fearful of God. They repented. That’s what matters, or is it?

Nahum foretells the fall of Nineveh. It happens soon after. Imagine having the legend of Jonah’s visit to your city. The bedtime stories (be good or Jonah’s God will get you). A few generations and gut-wrenching became legend became fairy tale became empty. Nineveh falls.

It is a story repeated in the . It is a tale as old as time. People don’t really . They forget. Even in the most families, people wander off.

1) Why do you think people wander off?

2) What does it take to keep people from wandering off?

3) Truly, what can you do to keep people from wandering off?