Freely Abiding

Titus 3:1–11

The next wave is coming. All around the globe, the next wave of COVID is coming. Countries that thought they were done are back to a true lockdown state. In the US, certain states are returning to more limited engagements.

It’s hard for those of us in the US. We really do not understand, or even often accept, these limitations. So much of our cultural heritage is of movement for the and the freedom of association.

Christians used to be known as the ones who would take care of the unwell. Christians would take care of plague victims. Christians are the reason that hospitals and care homes even exist.

Now, however, we find ourselves in a weird place. Society has declared that the better thing is for us to isolate ourselves from one another. Society does have a point. Yet, humanity cannot exist for long in isolation without some sort of outlet. Christians have long stood in the gap.

What has become the hot button US issue has become the impact upon the freedom to practice our . Like every other , our gathering sizes are being limited. We are not alone.

What we have, though, is an interesting conflict. There are now heated exchanges within communities about what a faithful is. The long-term ramifications of this situation remain to be played out.


When it comes to faithful witness, is your initial following the authorities, or freely expressing your understanding of freedom of religion? What are the weaknesses and strengths of both approaches? How can we the expressions of one another as faithful followers of Christ?


Lord, help us to be faithful to you and full of , , and understanding of . Amen.

Image courtesy of Zack Smith