Getting Down

Psalm 130; Deuteronomy 1:34–40; 2 Corinthians 5:1–5

If you’ve ever purchased a home using a loan, you usually had to come up with some sort of down payment. At least near me, a 10% down payment may be $70K or more. Part of that, of course, is the exceedingly high price of houses (and the prices continue to climb). The other part is the bank.

The down payment exists to show that you have—so to —skin in the game. The bank is making from the loan, yes, but that is also based upon your ability to actually pay off the loan. A loan that cannot be paid back is not really worthwhile, and often even when left with a valuable house from a loan default, the bank will still likely lose money.

Down payments are usually from the borrower to the lien-holder. Yet, the Scriptures use the down payment concept in reverse. God is making the down payment. Even in Deuteronomy, the concept is there. It’s buried in the reality that God would “hold onto” the inheritance of the Promised Land until the Israelites that were children could grow into their inheritance.

calls the a down payment. God is a down payment. It sounds strange, that’s for sure. However, if we think along the lines of God on the cross for our sins (i.e., ), is the that far out of line?


  • What is the Holy Spirit a down payment for?
  • How does this down payment work in our lives right now?
  • Why does God holding onto the Promised Land for the generation imply to you about your life?


Lord, grant us the ability to see what you have done and what you do for us. Help us to be fully enabled aides to your here on earth. Amen.