God’s Work Working

29 July 2019

Exodus 20:1–21, Exodus 32:1–19, Exodus 34:1–9

The first “printing” of the 10 Commandments was wholly a God printing. God made the tablets. God wrote on the tablets. Imagine holding something like that in your hands. You witnessed yet another miraculous happening. Out of a mountain God created tablets, then God wrote on them.

In a fit of () anger, Moses (unrighteously) broke the miraculous and tablets.
God gives you something special, created in front of you…and you broke them.

There is a transformation there. Moses transforms from (follow me) to (I lay down my ). This isn’t just about the failure of the Israelites, it is also about the transformation of Moses.

God then does something…odd. Now, Moses is to make the tablets. God writes on them. God does talk about writing on hearts His law, and God calls our hearts stone. Does this mean the tablets are symbolic of our hearts and the Commandments symbolic of God’s Law? Probably not.

What it is symbolic of is that instead of God doing it all again, God has Moses (humanity) put some sweat into it, and then does the true work. This is symbolic of how God does work through us. God chooses not to do it all. Instead, God chooses us to partner with Him. It is not because God needs us. It’s because we need God and because we have a need to be valued. God shows us that God values us by having us be part of God’s work.

1) God wants YOU to work with God to do God’s work. When you reflect on that, what are your thoughts?

2) At times, God will take our bad decisions and doing something (later) that is positive. Other times, God doesn’t. Why do you think that is? How do you not get discouraged or troubled when God doesn’t transform negative to positive?

3) God created us in God’s image. What does that mean to us when we think of doing God’s work here on earth?