In Love’s Time

21 December 2020

“But when the fullness of time had come, God sent His , born of a woman, born under the law.”
—Galatians 4:4 (NRSV)

I will never forget finding out we were having our first child. I was still finishing up my masters and an internship at a I had been serving at throughout college. We were so excited when we found out, but the timing wasn’t the best. I was super nervous to tell our pastor, by boss, that we were expecting our first child. Partially because I knew that being pregnant would mean a crazier schedule with doctor visits and partially because I knew I needed advice. My internship was ending when I finished my masters that spring and that made things sticky.

Johnny, my boss, gave me the best insight that day. “There is never a ‘right’ time to have a baby.” He is right. We could always make excuses or explain why it’s such a terrible time to have a baby. But, we adapt. It made making the decisions to add to our family much easier because we weren’t looking for a magical timing of owning a home or having dream jobs (so long as we could support our family).

This is what makes ‘ story even more unique than it already is! The timing of Jesus being born was the “right” time. It was the time that God had planned on all along. While there may never be a “right” time for us to have babies…Jesus being born was the right time. It was the exact time that god had laid out knowing what the next 33 years would hold for Jesus and what that would mean for us.

God’s timing is perfect. It’s not always what we expect, desire, or understand…but God’s timing is perfect. Which is really hard when we have to . God’s people waited and waited for a king to come them. They got a baby. So not only did God’s timing seem off to them because they had waited for so long, but then they were caught of guard. But we know the story. We know how it all plays out. It was perfect. Jesus was perfect and showed us perfect that is now a part of our stories.