Judges 2:6–15; 2 Corinthians 10:1–11

At this point, there are a lot of stirred up people. You might even be one of them. The question is, what really is stirring you?

Is it a belief that the current president is a lunatic and must be destroyed (metaphorically or in reality)? Is it a belief that the current president is the leader that will lead the country to some sort of glory?

In the middle of this mess are Christians. Some are confused. Many are disgusted. Some champion the president. Some champion the president-elect. Theoretically, all treasure Christ as Lord.

That’s the rub.

One of the constant mutterings of the (on myriad “sides” of many issues) is about a Christian . A real Christian nation wouldn’t [fill in the blank]. What if we never knew what a Christian nation was? What if, there has never been a “true” Christian nation in history?

When we look at what happens after the death of Joshua, it’s easy (and understandable) to put much of the blame on Joshua and that’s generations’ leaders. On the other hand, no one forced the Israelites to pick up the patterns of the defeated people, especially the Baal and Astarte’s .

In far too many respects, the mythos of a Christian nation is as spiritually deadly as the mythos of an Israelite nation upon the death of Joshua (and his peers). “We are a/the [] nation.” It can become a great deceit.

Thus, God’s word is sharper than any sword. Paul’s words in letters were far sharper than his presence. Why? Often a letter is missing so much of the feeling and emotion of presence.

There is a reason why emojis and emoticons have become such a part of the digital world…text only goes so far. However, sometimes the lack of emotion in the text makes it the very thing we need.

Just as Paul’s letter to the Corinthians was one of , his previous letter(s) had apparently earned him a reputation.

God’s letter, the Bible, is much the same. It is God’s story to us. We do miss a lot of God’s emotions. Yet perhaps we need a lot of sharpening.

It was my hope that we would be beyond this. It was my hope that we would be stepping toward . That is not the case.

While it will be easy to point at one president or one political party, the truth is that we are as much the issue as anyone else. The truth is that we are in as great a need of God’s word shaping and sharpening us as anyone else.


What is something in your that needs sharpening by God’s word?


Lord, let your word us, and your love strengthen to be your hands, feet, and words in this world. Amen.