No or Many Blessings

Psalm 20; Numbers 6:22–27; Mark 4:21–25

You may know the song, “Count your , one by one…”

The “Aaronic” blessing outlined in Numbers is one of my favorites. As a pastor, I will default to it at appropriate times (such as the of a service). First, of course, it is the one used to bless the People of God. The way it ends with the blessing…putting the of God on the people warms my .

Think of all those blessings: protection, God’s , God’s grace, God’s watchfulness, God’s peace. Those are pretty mighty blessings. If we really understood and experienced these blessings, perhaps we might actually be able and willing to tell the world about .

Yet, we seem to be inclined to put the blessings under a basket. We keep the blessings behind closed doors. Perhaps, we don’t really believe in the blessings we say we do.


Review the blessings as noted in the Aaronic . Can or do you see any or all of them in your ? Do you them with anyone?


Lord, help us to not just see our blessings. Help us to share them with one another and especially the world that does not yet know you. Amen.

Image courtesy of Martina Neugebauer-Renner