One Hundred and Twenty

Genesis 6:1–13; Judges 2:8–23

“The younger generation just doesn’t…”

“The older generation just doesn’t…”

The generational splits have grown. Much of that has to do with the acceleration of technology and the cultural changes that have gone along with it.

Many times, the older generations say that they wouldn’t have behaved as the younger generation does. That older generation also says that “this” generation is so much more corrupt than “mine”.

The reality is that generations have said that before. Generations will say that again.

The generation ebb and flow seem to be common to history. When we read the versus about the time of Noah or the time after Joshua, it certainly doesn’t sound good. No matter how bad the “next” generation is, God isn’t flooding the earth.

Yes, God made a not to. Yet, when we read the verses in Judges, we recognize that much of this is to temper us. This is all intended to make us better followers of God.

What is also interesting is that there are certain similarities between separated generations. The Silent  Generation (those that were children during the Great Depression and fought in WWII) has many similarities with Generation Z (born late 90s–10s) who have experienced 2 major recessions as children, and whose lives have pretty much included the so-called War on Terror.

In many respects, Generation Z may be a huge reset, though perhaps Generation Alpha as the first 21st Century generation (all born in the 21st Century) may be that reset. Regardless, human history shows that there is often some sort of reset. What was old becomes new.

With 6 generations (with some extenuating people make 7), there are going to be large differences. That’s a spread of 120 years.

In all likelihood, 3 of those generations will see the next century (assuming, of course, that doesn’t ). While many of us are concerned about the next generation, perhaps we ought to be more concerned about the next century.


What changes with your thinking about God and when you think about the next century rather than the next 20 years? Why might it be important to look that far ahead? What are the risks of looking that far ahead?


God, just as you have faithfully us and given us , may we be -filled and grace-filled for those who came before and those who will follow. Amen.

Image courtesy of Anton Mislawsky