Power of Resurrection

1 Corinthians 15:1–11; John 5:24–30 (read online ⧉)

is deeply concerned that the Corinthians have already the Resurrection. He is right to be. Without the Resurrection, all Christians should be pitied.

We often tie everlasting to the Resurrection, but the reality is that without the Resurrection, Jesus’ life and death are merely interesting points in history. The Resurrection is proof that Jesus was/is who he said he was. The Resurrection proves that death brought through the Fall of can be overcomed (and is being overcomed). The Resurrection proves that Jesus did live a sinless life that that was qualified to be the necessary sacrifice for all of humanity’s sin.

So, yes, the Resurrection is kind of important.

Also tied to the Resurrection is the Final Judgement that comes with it. At the Resurrection of humanity, Jesus will be the judge. Jesus died. If Jesus did not live again, then the judgment is just an empty threat. If judgment is an empty threat, then the necessity of Jesus’ death on the cross becomes cruelly needless bloodshed.

The Resurrection is proof that God did, does, and will continue to turn the world upside down.

The Resurrection is also what should be empowering us to bring the of the World (Jesus Christ) to others. It is the power of Resurrection that brings new life to people. It is the power of the Resurrection that restores people from a place of death. In other words, if you don’t believe in the Resurrection, why would you about Jesus? Why would you believe a murderer, adulterer, thief (like the one Jesus said would be with him in Paradise) could be by God and be transformed into Christ-likeness. Oh, and why would you think Jesus matters to you, or that Jesus made a difference in your life?

Today is Monday (it’s actually a holiday in some places). Last year it was a normal workday for many, who would just set aside the Resurrection and go to work. In today’s COVID climate none of us (even those of us going to work remotely or on-site) is looking at Easter Monday as “normal”. COVID-19 shows us our need—in fact, the need of humanity—for Resurrection. Economies, societies, cultures will all need Resurrection power to restore things that are now dead. It’s not as if we all didn’t need Resurrection power as it was, it’s that we are aware of just how much we need it.

Giving Father, self-sacrificing Jesus, all-empowering , we you thanks for the ever-present and ever-working power of the Resurrection. Help us to keep in our hearts, souls, and minds that Resurrection power is not something we had or will have. Help us to understand and believe to the core of our beings that Resurrection power is something we have right now, and to live lives that show we know it to be true. Amen.

1) How does Resurrection power affect you? How do you think about it?

2) If there was no Resurrection, would you believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior? Why or why not?

3) While Easter Monday is uncommonly used in the USA, it is incredibly important. Why is the concept of Easter Monday important for our daily lives?