Feed Your Soul

Prayer Fighting

Exodus 3:1–10, Psalm 4, Isaiah 56:7, 1 Timothy 2:1–4 (read online ⧉)

Phrases such as“fight your battles on your knees” and “win your battles on your knees”, along with terms such as warrior, along with movies such as “War Room” all have an underlying assumption…prayer is a battle.

There is far too much truth in it. First, the battle is against the powers of . Now, to be blunt, we often those same powers too much credence. Yet, from our limited and weak perspective, the darkness seems powerful.

Battle is also applicable when it comes to ourselves. Sometimes it is weariness. Sometimes it is . We fight our desire to do something more. We get distracted (even before phones that was a problem). We fight ourselves when we pray.

This leads to the next part of this battle…never go it alone. The greatest we have is when we pray . We can lift one another up when we fall. Together (as we are called to be, anyway) we can bring each other when we’re tired, encouragement when we tend toward despair. We can even hold each other accountable regarding transactions.

The biggest struggle when it comes to prayer is the length of time to receive answers and the answers themselves. Think of the Israelites. Their prayer wasn’t answered for generations, and by a guy who was (effectively) cast out of his Egyptian and Israelite relations. Their prayer was answered…eventually. How many prayed for liberation, and died not seeing it.
Whether we are praying for healing, spiritual healing, or relational healing, it can be demoralizing to receive an answer we didn’t actually want. There are so many reasons why prayer may or may not be answered, but remaining in our prayers is what we are called to be.

1) What is the biggest prayer you remember making and being ?

2) What is the biggest prayer you remember making and not being fulfilled?

3) What is currently the biggest item on your prayer list?