Purple Vision

Numbers 27:15–23; 2 Timothy 2:8–13

Having worked for -owned and -run businesses, I know that one of the business’ concerns is, who’s next? Perhaps it might be better to say that the of a family-owned and -run business is who will successfully lead it with and tenacity once the current leadership steps down.

I have seen it work well. I have seen it work not-so-well. One business had a plan, and the other business made laissez-faire assumptions.

Moses had spent a lot of time getting the Israelites to the Promised Land. He had been frustrated, belittled, and probably cursed by the same Israelites. He still wanted them to succeed in the Promised Land. So, Moses asked God for the next leader.

God selected Joshua. Now, it could be said that this was obvious, as other than Aaron, only Joshua is noted as Moses’ aide, and even accompanied Moses when he received the Ten Commandments. Joshua, as Moses’ aide, indeed saw the dark side of leading the Israelites.

I think it is appropriate to presume that God had guided Moses’ selection of Joshua, thus make Joshua the “obvious” choice. On the other hand, we could also presume that Moses’ experience in Pharaoh’s house would have taught Moses how to choose a leader, and then God used that.

Who was next to lead would set the Israelites for success or failure in the Promised Land.

In some respects, that is the same view many people have of the incoming Presidential administration and the Congressional seating. Success or failure. In a republic, it’s a little harder to really hit that success or failure button (though pundits try).

As we look at the days, months, and years to follow this election, we all need to ourselves about a few things. For the last few election cycles, the country has been color-coded with red and blue. The animosity between red and blue is approaching that of the Bloods and Crypts from decades ago, who differentiate themselves by red or blue.

Wearing the wrong colors in the wrong neighborhood was a recipe for being harmed by the other gang’s members. Now people are being assaulted by the “opposing” group just for wearing t-shirts, hats, or participating in their constitutionally protected right to protest.

There has been a centrist movement calling itself “purple”. However, there is something ironic in that. This mix of red and blue representation of republic political alignment has a completely different meaning…royalty.

Theoretically, the War of Independence was intended to “free” the American colonies from the oppression of British royalty. Instead, we developed an elected aristocracy.

There is one good thing, though, about the purple. Who we recognize as royalty, who we recognize as king makes all the difference. When we recognize and believe the Jesus Christ is King, we can gladly declare ourselves purple, for we seek to follow the True King.


What will it take, do you think, for Christian conversations on politics to be purple first, rather than last? What is one behavior or conversation of yours was not purple during this recent political season? How can you develop a practice of purple thoughts and , rather than red or blue?


Lord, you are the King of the Universe. Through you, Creation came into being. Only you are of our and . Thank you for us the freedom to choose. Thank you for loving us enough so that through the Spirit, we can become wise. Amen.

Image courtesy of Gordon Johnson | Jurica Koletić