Rescuers & Yachts

16 June 2020

Ezekiel 33:1–16; Matthew 14:22–34; Colossians 4:2–6 (read online ⧉)

When sailing ships were still the primary transportation across the oceans, John was lost overboard during a storm. Before his friends (the crew) could him, they lost sight of him in the storm. By providence, there was another ship nearby that did see him and was able to rescue him. John was very grateful that the ship was nearby.

Many days later, John was eating at a local pub, and started telling his story of his rescue. One of his listeners spoke up after John’s tale and said that he, too, had a similar tale. Will, for that was his name, started talking to John, and they became friends.

More time passed. John and Will had gathered a number of people around them, and they formed a rescue society, whose purpose was to be the nearby boat to save people in the storms.

They saved many people over the years. Their society grew. They gathered more and more to share their camaraderie. Other people joined just to the tales of rescue. Then, as John, Will, and got older, the warmth of the and camaraderie kept them indoors. Soon after, the gatherings became focused on boats. Their rescue society, over time, transformed from rescue society to yacht club.

Some have said that the true legacy of yacht clubs is not the wealth, but the rescues they forgot about.

“Making people fully functioning followers of Christ,” and “Encounter, Connect, Serve” are the 2 common phrases (or statements) at Generations . Then there is the “” (friends who are like ), too. Your church (if it isn’t Generations) may have similar mission statements or values. Something along these lines is quite common among American churches.

It’s not that these are bad. They really should be second.

We have been rescued. Have we forgotten? We are called to be the ones who help to rescue those who are lost at sea. All too often, however, we are comfortable at the yacht club.

Framily is great. Encounter (-ing God), Connect (-ing with God and Others), Serve (the World) are good, too. Becoming fully functioning followers of Christ (sanctification) is great! However, if we only keep it to ourselves, is it really all that great?

The world doesn’t need more people hiding behind their walls. The world needs the light of Jesus Christ.

These few words cannot contain the responsibility that each of us must and should feel. This does not mean to be annoying or aggressive. It means be asking and praying for the right conversation to occur, and even many conversations over time. It means being -filled in our conversations with others, just as Jesus Christ poured grace over and into us.

Paul’s words tell to season our conversations with the salt that is Jesus Christ. Be the light.