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  • Happiness and Joy…or Not

    Happiness and Joy…or Not

    Psalm 44; Isaiah 22:8b–14; James 4:4–10 ‌‌🔎 Focus ‌Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? James 4:4 NRSVue ‌…you did not look at the One who did it, nor did you see the One who planned it… Isaiah 22:11 NRSVue We don’t like pain or suffering. We often do…

  • Kick or Lift

    Kick or Lift

    Psalm 23; Jeremiah 12:1–13; Luke 18:35–43 Understanding that we don’t know the whys and wherefores of life is one step. Accepting it is another. Then the biggest step is not blaming God. Often blaming God is the easiest as it means we have no responsibility. It also means we have no control, so we are…

  • Together Time

    Together Time

    Paul reminds the Corinthians that they were inheritors, too. The Last Supper was really the first supper

  • Poison Pills

    Poison Pills

    If Jesus could love someone who betrayed him, that means he loves us, too.

  • In God We Trust?

    In God We Trust?

    As much as we often want to overlook our weaknesses, it is those weaknesses that make Christ a stumbling block even for his followers.

  • Clothed in Rags

    Clothed in Rags

    Psalm 94; Luke 6:27–36; 1 Corinthians 4:9–13 Bless your enemies. Except “bless” means something more than just be nice or even help them. “Bless” means to ask for God’s divine favor to come on them. We all want blessings, but we are being called to ask for God’s blessings for those who make our lives…

  • Here’s Looking At…

    Here’s Looking At…

    Matthew 27:1–11; John 21:12–23 What’s that to me? Sounds like you have a problem. These and similar phrases/questions are quite prevalent in our society. The first issue that they shine a light on is pride. This may not only be the pride of the responder, but it may also be the pride of the asker.…

  • Christmas Poured Out

    Exodus 33:12–27, John 6:35–40, John 17:6–24, John 18:8 (read online ⧉) Judas Iscariot—Jesus’ betrayer—is often one of those characters that we just “go with the flow.” It is easier to just see him as the betrayer, rather than see him as what he was, human. When we wrestle with the person that was Judas Iscariot,…