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  • Pridefully Divine

    Pridefully Divine

    Psalm 29; Isaiah 5:15–24; John 15:18–20, 15:26–27 When we read about “divine beings” we, understandably, think about angels. What, however, makes a divine being…divine? Apart from God, there is no divine being that isn’t of God. Which becomes a little daunting theologically when we recognize we have the Imago Dei in us. To be clear,…

  • Alien Calling

    Alien Calling

    Psalm 23; Genesis 46:28–47:6; Acts 4:1–4 I have moved around 15 times in 25 years. I have told that to even some military families and they look at me in shock. That is, honestly, a stupid number of moves. Some were big. Some were small. All were disruptive. My childhood was somewhat similar. My biological…

  • Prophetic Testing

    Prophetic Testing

    How’s this for a test? Does the person seek to make the “other” the enemy? Not their struggles, their opinion, even their sins…the person themselves.

  • The End of the Matter

    The End of the Matter

    Jonah 4:1–11 How could you save them? Really? Look at them! If you’d left me alone they would have died, just like they should have! Why Jonah is so upset? There is a lot of conjecture, but Jonah’s anger really does seem out of place. Perhaps he had something against the city of Nineveh. That,…

  • Domination


    Ecclesiastes 3:16–4:3; Psalm 148; Revelation 5:13 (read online ⧉) Long has human pride (and bad interpretation) taught humanity that we were to dominate Creation. Even when this interpretation came to the forefront in thinking, Creation was pretty brutal: typhoons, hurricanes, floods, droughts, pestilence, insect swarms, disease, and so on. Humanity has, for far too long,…

  • Shear Time

    Shear Time

    The year of the Lord’s favor is probably not this year. The ever-changing nature of this year, and all the odd and bad things that are going on would in no way seem to be the harbinger of the Lord’s favor.

  • Die to Resurrect

    Micah believed that God would redeem and rescue him. He had decided to wait upon God’s timing for his restoration. That is often courageous for us when we are in the midst of trials and tribulations.

  • Grace of Perfection

    Psalm 119:9–16; Isaiah 44:1–8; Acts 2:14–24 (read online ⧉) The beginning of this passage in Isaiah has an important meaning that is easy to overlook. Hear | ServantChosen | IsraelDo not fear | ServantChosen | Jeshuran At the beginning, it is certainly more direct and imposing. At the second part, though, the tone changes. Hear…