The End of the Matter

9 September 2020

The of the Matter

9 September 2020

Jonah 4:1–11

How could you them? Really? Look at them! If you’d left me alone they would have died, just like they should have!

Why Jonah is so upset? There is a lot of conjecture, but Jonah’s anger really does seem out of place. Perhaps he had something against the city of Nineveh. That, at least, would help to make a little more sense of the story.

Jonah could have been a hero! In fact, for bringing the message to Nineveh, he really was a hero. He was a very bitter one.

Our media is filled with stories of heroes. We like heroes. There’s a reason why Marvel movies have made such an impact. DC and Marvel comics dominate the comic book scene with their hero lines.

Jonah didn’t want to be a hero. He didn’t want to save the Ninevites. He did anyway, kicking and screaming.

We are called to the world, not just our favored people. Whether we’re talking about a particular nationality, ethnic group, gender group, sexuality group, or any other group, they all have the in them. The Imago Dei (or “image of God”) means that they are valued by God regardless of anything else.

If we are followers of God…if we God…should we not value those that God values?

As followers of , we do not have the luxury to hate, despise, belittle, downplay, or dismiss . God them so much that he died for them. We only have to talk to them and be kind to them.

We (most likely) are not Jonahs. We are simply people who have found . The kindest thing we can do is the redemption we have found.


Lord, may we look at our fellow humans as you do…bearers of your image. Amen.