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  • How We Wait

    How We Wait

    The stage is being set. The Disciples are getting ready. Jesus told them to wait in Jerusalem. They didn’t wait in a state of inaction. They readied what they believed was right and in such a way that they could respond. Then they waited for the fulfillment of the promise Jesus made.

  • Community Essentials

    Community Essentials

    Psalm 133; John 20:19–31; Acts 4:32–35; 1 John 1:1–2:2 Security is a very important thing. In many respects, a number of the high-profile political arguments are over what exactly is security. Differing opinions of what includes security and the perception of who is responsible for such security can really create the potential for discord. The…

  • Get To Your Seats

    Get To Your Seats

    Luke 14:7–14 When I was young, my father insisted on making sure I was appropriately experienced in “high” culture. We went to ballet and opera. My dad said that we were sitting in the Grand Tier (still sounds a bit grandiose). This was the tier above the Opera (i.e.,floor) Seats, and below the Upper Tier,…

  • Household of Promise

    Psalm 127, Ruth 4:9–17, Hebrews 3:1–6 If we were to judge life by Psalm 127, it would seem that God does everything, yet we know that it isn’t the case. “Unless God builds the house” is more along the lines of God building up or establishing, sustaining and encouraging, not God literally building the house.…