Through God’s Mercy

2 Corinthians 4:1–6

Ministry. . Determination. Cleansing. Sharing. Shining.

Ministry: each and every one of us is a minister of the Gospel of . Every one of us. Pastor and preachers they have their roles. That does not excuse anyone from being a minister of the Gospel.

How are you being a minister of the Gospel? (And you are being one. Even a bad one is still one)

Mercy: God showed us immeasurable mercy through Christ. We are called to share that mercy with . We are called to be merciful to others. Mercy can be shown in many ways.

How are you showing and mercy, especially God’s mercy, to others?

Determination: the Christian life is not a destination. It is a journey. It often takes far more determination (not giving up) to walk the way, than it takes to do something else.

How is your determination?

Cleansing: emptying our spiritual closets is scary and healthy. Secrets and sins strengthen in . Open the doors and let the in. Confession and open discussion with one another keeps the doors open, and the light shining in.

How is the house cleaning going? Do you have help?

Sharing: if we truly believe the Gospel, we will share it. This is not the “beat them over the head” sharing, it is the that is “strangely warmed” that people are drawn to so that they get to share in the warmth.

Are you sharing the warmth of Christ?

Shining: the world is full of shiny stuff. The world is full of pretty lights. We can become too concerned with the light being drowned out by the worldly light. We are called to shine. We are like the stars made by the Creator. Always shining. Sometimes their shine is hidden by the sun, the of God. Sometimes it’s hidden by the lights of the city (the world). Regardless, the shining doesn’t stop.

Are you shining?