Too Direct?

John 17:9–19

prayed for the disciples, a lot. There is something quite interesting here. He didn’t pray for the world (that he died for). He prayed instead for his disciples. Why? Why his disciples?

Jesus prayed for his disciples. Jesus prayed for his friends. Jesus prayed for their protection.

He prayed for them…for us.

Without the disciples, we would not know Jesus. Without Jesus’ protection, we would not have the disciples. Jesus did pray for the world…just indirectly.

All too often, we want to see direct effects. We want to know that the of God is active in our lives. We want to know that God loves the world…and even us.

Ultimately, with Jesus’ , the came to dwell in the 11 remaining disciples, along with all those who were with them in the upper room. From those 11, the was born. The church despite its brokenness. The church despite all the hurt that its imperfect people caused and suffered.

We wonder sometimes if our prayers are effective. Perhaps it’s not our prayers that we should be thinking about, but the prayers of those who are praying for us.

1) Have you ever had the experience of learning that someone was praying for you, and it came to be? What was your ?

2) Have you ever prayed for someone else (especially not ), and watched it come true? What was your response?

3) should be the most uniting thing we as a church do. How can you be more with your church in prayer?