You Want This?

Psalm 62:5–12; Jeremiah 20:7–13; 2 Peter 3:1–7

I Jeremiah’s to God. “Lord, you enticed me, and I was taken in.” It can sound weird and somewhat creepy. On the other hand, it is also the sound of being overwhelmed by the love and presence of another. That’s a pretty neat way to think of God.

When my and my (to-be) stepmother got together, I was a teenager, and the public displays of affections were nauseating (I don’t spare my kids). For whatever reason, the movie Bambi came to me where Friend Owl explains to Thumper that Bambi and Faline are “twitterpated.” I used that for a number of years.

Imagine being “twitterpated” with God. Just like Bambi who was (momentarily) mocked because of his behavior, you, too can be mocked when you become twitterpated with God.

You, like Jeremiah, can be quiet for a time. If you’re like me (as Christian, not pastor), however, “there’s an intense in my heart…” I have found odd and different ways to into people’s lives, and it certainly never falls in line with “traditional” evangelism.

Just like Jeremiah experienced, and Peter forewarned, a passionate God-follower will be mocked and scorned. Of course, there is a different kind of mocking and scorn when one is rude, belligerent, unloving, unkind, and so forth. That kind of mocking and scorn is earned and should not be a of your relationship with God. That kind is not be worn as a badge of ; it is more of a cone of shame.

We could, from the last few months, focus on the Christian cone of shame. There have been a few (too many?) devotions covering that. It is time to not be the bumper sticker, “Lord, me from your followers.” I hope it’s time to on.


  • Is there a burn inside of you? Why or why not?
  • Can you imagine not wanting to talk about God? Why would that be? What might you do to change?


Lord, may we be the cold water to the thirsty and the hot and water to the hurting. Amen.