8 November 2020

Proverbs 1:20–29; Hebrews 2:2–11; Hebrews 10:23–25

It’s been pretty that there will be some dramatic (and probably horrific) story of neglect that will be in the news. Children and animals recovered from bad situations; situations where the health and well-being (including mental and spiritual) of children is neglected.

Most of us usually with a feeling of horror and disappointment in our fellow humans.  It can be quite easy to look at the ways with neglect, for it can be easy to see.

It could be that neighbor who doesn’t mow their lawn. It could be that neighbor whose car is a rusting rotting wreck in the driveway. It could be the neighbor whose house needs a serious paint job. That kind of neglect is visible.

Then there is the neglect of a harried worker who spilled water on the floor, didn’t clean it up, and someone slipped and fell. It could be the chef who forgot a key ingredient in their signature dish.

It could be you, who forgot to bring your facemask. Perhaps you forgot your wallet. Maybe you left your keys in the car. Maybe you didn’t polish your shoes before that critical meeting or job interview.

Neglect takes many forms and guises. The reality is that many Christians have indeed neglected the of God and the of their salvation. Neglect could mean attending (online or in-person), but only so that you can check it off the to-do list.

Neglect is easy. That is part of the great problem with it. Once one begins the walk down the road of neglect, it is often very hard to even to the starting point.


1) In this time of COVID, what things are you finding easy to neglect regarding your life?

2) How can you help others to not neglect their faith?


, help to not neglect the gift that you have given us. Amen.

Image courtesy of Julie Fader