Our Blindings

Read: Luke 13:23-30


“For ways are under the eyes of the Lord, and he examines all their paths.”

Proverbs 5:21 (NRSVue)

‌‌✟ Devotion

‌When you read the passage (Luke 13:23-30), what did you focus on? Did you focus on ‘ command to enter the narrow door? Did you focus on its narrowness?

‌While Jesus’ answer is very important, you’ll note he didn’t actually answer the question, at least in any way that is definitive.

‌“Lord, will only a few be saved?” (Luke 13:23 NRSVue)

‌What if the issue is the question itself?

‌“There are no right to wrong .”

Ursula K. Le Guin

If you don’t the right questions, you don’t get the right answers.

Edward Hodnett

‌How did you read the question in the passage? Is the asker wanting to know who gets in and who is kept out (exclusionary)? Or is the asker wanting to know if they can even make it?

‌Our reading of the question helps us define the answer, thus understanding how we see the question is important. Is it a question of rule or a question of ?‌

Another possible view is the goal of the asker. Is this about seeking the best way, the sure way (what can I get away with), or a different way?‌

What if Jesus’ long answer was less about rules and such, but instead about focus? Are you focusing on Jesus (God) and God’s ways, or are you focusing on the behaviors of ?

‌What if the narrow way is more like a horse wearing blinders? A horse that wears blinders is doing so because their rider or driver is seeking to keep them from being distracted from everything around them, and wanting the horse to focus on what’s ahead, and on the rider (driver).

‌‌🤔 Reflection

‌When you first read the passage, what was your focus on? Has your focus changed at all? Do you ever find yourself watching others more than you are watching and seeking God?

‌‌⏏️ Act

‌Find one small and simple thing can you remove from your to narrow your focus on God.

‌🙏 Prayer

Help us to look ahead to you, Lord God, and not look side to side at others. Amen.