Places for Scripture

Psalm 93; Deuteronomy 11:18–21; Mark 16:19–20

“Place these words…on your heart” and then fast forward to “…they went out and proclaimed the message everywhere.”One of the little truths about this passage in Deuteronomy is the very simple tool given that many turned into a soulless rule or merely room decor. God directed that God’s be placed everywhere in our lives, even on door frames! You can go to places like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby and find the available for room decor. You can do it simply with a piece of paper and tape.

Honestly, I used to disparage the use of Scripture as decor, mostly because I saw it in too many homes and places that seemed anything but filled with God’s . However, it is certainly not fair to God’s Word that I should be that way. As we read, it’s actually bad that I thought that way. I have found and redemptive actions in simply reading a verse of Scripture or that which reminds me of the Scriptures as I walk around my home.

At my paying job (purchasing manager in manufacturing), I’ve been told that my workspace is too white (white walls, no decor). Over the last few days (before this devotion), I’ve been thinking that I need some of the Scriptures in my work life. Will it be visible? Yes. Will it be there for others to see? If they wish. I’m going to put it there for me so that I —when that really irritating person walks through my door for the umpteenth time that day—whose I am, and who I am to reflect. It won’t be there to provide the appearance of a warm and cozy home. It is for me to remember.

Remember. The whole point of Moses’ directive is so that the Israelites (and we) remember. For a number of years, I heard the same passage from 1 John 1 read at the beginning of every Sunday service as part of the opening corporate confession of . Then we left that church , we stopped hearing it. I can still quote it. It gives me great peace, too, and gives direction to grace to others. It’s a whopping four verses.

So, if you remember and share the words, what about the signs? That is a great question! How do you know a Christian? How they speak? How they dress? How they spend? How they give? How they receive? Yes, to all of these and more! It’s not very easy. That is one of the pitfalls of our post-Enlightenment world. The world, and we, want an easy answer to determine who is in and who is out.

Except, as we read the Scriptures when can that when we “know” who is in and who is out we stop loving God and loving others…which may mean we’re out.


  • What ways are you open to bring the Scriptures regularly into your life? What ways are you currently using? Which ones are you thinking about adding?
  • What are some reasons that we should have some of the Scriptures deep within us as we share the Gospel of Jesus?


, quicken our hearts and mind to want more of you and the Word inside of us, that we may be emboldened and encouraged to go into the world seeking to transform it by your love coming through us. Amen.