Redemption in the Darkness

24 March 2020

Psalm 107:1–16; Isaiah 60:15-22; John 8:12-20 (read online ⧉)

Psalm 107:2–3
Let the redeemed of the Lord say so,
those he redeemed from trouble
and gathered in from the lands,
from the east and from the west,
from the north and from the south.

Isaiah’s stirring for Jerusalem is that not only of restoration but also claiming a prominent and dominant role in the world. The nations that dominated Jerusalem would then nourish and protect it. This revitalized and restored Jerusalem would have the lost and exiled returning. A city full of woe and misery would become full of life and .

Isaiah’s vision continued where the basics, bronze, and iron, would be replaced by gold and silver. This is not just a sign of wealth, but where what was once the sign of wealth would be commonplace. In the midst of all of this is God. This new vision of Jerusalem has God at the center, and not just as the center of , but the center of all life, replacing the sun and the moon. The ebb and flow of life would be fully guided by God. The ultimate crown of , children, would be so numerous that even the smallest group would become a clan. This is to a people lost. This is hope to a people who feel that they have nothing left.”I am the of the world,” said.Often we can find ourselves stuck in darkness. The gift of darkness is being able to see the smallest light. The spark of , in the darkness, can feel as if the sun is there.

1) Have you ever experienced an inescapable (real/) darkness? What happened when you saw a light?

2) How does Christ fit into your idea and/or experience of darkness?