Stepping Forward

18 April 2020

Psalm 104; Exodus 13:17–14:4; 2 Corinthians 4:14–18 (read online ⧉)

What must Moses have had to understand why God chose the path for the Israelites? What did Moses think of his own people to think that God’s decision was right?

The is between two paths, a path against man, a path against nature. Against nature might not be the most apt description. Yet, the Israelites’ path across the Red Sea was not the most obvious. It was quite the opposite. However, opposing man would have been most disastrous. If one has to choose enemies to fight, does one choose the unknown (the Philistines) or the known (the Egyptians)?

There is an interesting piece of trivia tucked in the middle of this, and that is the bones of Joseph. Joseph had made sure to hand down instruction that his bones be carried out of Egypt…to the place of the fulfillment of God’s to Joseph’s father. Think of that. In many respects, Joseph’s bones were the symbol of a deep and abiding in God regardless of timing.

While God was concerned that, as a whole, the people of Israel would give on God, Joseph did not. understood that God was not human, and thus could not be judged by our understanding of or desire about things.

Each day is another path on the path with God. Paul notes that we do not give up (as long as we continue our walk, that is). He observes (and science backs up) that our bodies are being destroyed every day. There is the cell aspect, and there is just the reality of our mortality. Paul also observes that God renews our inner being (our soul, per se) day by day. Just as we take 1 step to walk further, so we must go through each day willingly being renewed by God.

Joseph often did not focus on the things seen. He focused on God in whom he trusted. He trusted God to guide his paths, even when he couldn’t see where the path was going. As rough as it is, we are called to do the came. Paul was saying that this too was to be the path of the Corinthians. They just had to choose it.

God grant us your and guidance as walk in blindness through the situation we find ourselves in. Help us to rely on your rod and staff to show us the way. Help us to keep our hearts open to your call. Help us to not succumb to the fears of the unknown, the fears of the world, or the fears of our hearts. Amen.

1) Where do you currently see your path with God going? As you look back, what do you recall about the times you were “blind”?

2) Why do you think Moses felt it important to , where he did, the piece about Joseph’s bones? What do you think he was trying to tell the Israelite generations that were to follow?

3) We often talk about , that 1 day a week set aside to focus on God and . However, each day requires renewal, too. What are you doing every day for spiritual, mental and renewal?