There’s Lots More

Matthew 13:1–23; 2 Corinthians 9:6–15; James 1:5–8

One of the arguments against God and the saving work of Jesus Christ is that people can’t . And there isn’t much to say against that.

What often goes along with that is seeing the “work” of God. This is ever present, and ever available. People are often blind to it.p>God’s grace flows over each and everyone of us. It is an amazing thing. It’s right there. You still have to be open to it and look for it.

God is not just the sower. God is a generous sower. The kind of sowing presented in the parable is just plain nuts.

No farmer, whether now or then, would cast good seed on bad ground. The farmer would prepare the ground, and not just leave it to chance.

God doesn’t leave it to chance either, nor are we “just” the ground that receives God’s seeds of , , and . Our is the kind of ground we are.

Sometimes, bad ground requires extra work. The seed may be cast while the ground is poor, but overtime the ground can be changed to the point where the falling seed now falls on fertile ground.

Beyond comprehension (and selfishness), God spreads the of God liberally, not only so that no one may claim that they received nothing; God is generous and does so being that way.

As we walk in this world, we need to look for God’s generous sowing. Help to be God’s co-laborers in sowing the seeds of love, hope, and faith.


Lord, in our weakness, help us be strong. Grant us the and endurance to be the same as you, generously sowing the word in love and generosity. Amen.

1) Do you view the world from a of scarcity or plenty?

2) Why does God sowing generously everywhere matter? What does that tell you about God?