Who Wears Your Crown?

16 July 2020

Matthew 5:13–16; Mark 9:43–50; Hebrews 2:1–18

In a recent Leaders Podcast, the host (Jason Daye) said something that should deeply concern all of us. It’s not what was said was false or wrong. It’s that what was said was true.

“…many people are quicker to share their political views—who they think is right, who they think is wrong—than they are to share their story; than they are to share the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Let that sink in…all the way to your gut…where it should feel like a brick of lead or a of nausea.

In much of our political “discourse” (that’s a generous description at this point), are we really any different than the so-called un-saved? Are we marching to the beat of a political ideology or groupthink that does not honor Jesus Christ first?

Currently, there is no single political party that fully represents (if that is even possible) the of God. In the mainstream political parties, there are many practicing and devout Christians.

In those same political parties, there are too many (perhaps far more) that mouth so-called Christian words, but do not have a saving with Jesus Christ.

It is time for the church to be militant. Militant is an old term that is related to the military but was used to traditionally mean vigorously active. That is the militancy we need. The church must not militant in so far as walking in lockstep with a political party or against one.

What this first requires is that we vigorously question every political view we have and put it to the Scriptures. This is hard. Often, we can take a verse out of context, and use it to bolster our view.

For a long time, the church has been guilty of not using the Scriptures when talking about issues and applying them to a view. Instead, the church has been taking a view and using the Scriptures.

Jesus is King! Long live the King!

King Jesus, constantly remind us that you are both True king and savior, and nothing and no one of this world could ever be either for us. Amen.


1) When was the last time (outside of your comfortable group) you shared about Jesus? How about ?

2) When you statements condemning everyone of a political party, do you agree?

3) How can you and the church be the Christian to the world, rather than a political follower?

Image courtesy of Matthew Waring